Innovation Hub


ALBINI_next is the Albini Group think tank devoted to accelerating ideas and the technological transfer between science and industry. It imagines and creates new products and processes, with a creative and unconventional approach that seeks unprecedented solutions for specific problems in the textile field. But there’s more: it collaborates with universities and start-ups to create innovations that can be implemented in an industrial business.


ALBINI_next is searching for what is not there. It takes input, ideas and solutions from different sectors, combines and reworks them to bring out their unexplored potential.


The ALBINI_next innovation hub is a container where new things land, a workshop for ideas that will be the solutions of tomorrow.


Try, fail, try again, research, grasp. The continuous search for the possibilities behind everything, in order to transform ideas into new technologies.


We move from idea to action, creating networks and symbiosis between science and industry, starting from the world of textiles and opening up to all markets.


We aim to offer solutions that increase the sustainability of processes and products, to support the ecological transition of all types of business increasing their value.


At ALBINI_next we want to find new possible solutions, without being afraid to try unexplored paths.
Not only the most innovative fibres and yarns, sustainable colourations and green chemistry applications, but also projects that touch on transversal areas of research, such as biotech and the circular economy. Everything is changing before our very eyes: it is up to us to grasp the meaning of each change.