We collaborate with companies, institutions and researchers to push forward the innovation of the textile industry.


Renewcell is a fast-growing Swedish textile recycling company with a unique technology and a world-class team of people on a mission to change the global textile industry for the better. Their product is called Circulose®, and they make it out of 100% textile waste.


Mixcycling is a young dynamic company with a great deal of history to support it. It arose from an industry that had existed for 50 years, with a strong background in cork processing and plastic moulding. The Mixcycling mission is to drive the transition of fossil-based materials towards a completely bio-based future, as well as to ennoble organic waste based on the requirements of the European 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 


Nazena is the innovative start-up company that brings the circular economy to the textile industry. By recycling textile fibres, Nazena transforms industrial waste and used clothes into new products. Nazena material is produced through a patented process that guarantees the recycling of textile fibres in a logic of product upcycling. This is how they ensure a second life to textiles that are currently not recycled.

PSCT Digital Lab

PSCT Digital Lab is a “digital tailor’s shop” operating in the Made in Italy fashion industry. PSCT studies, experiments, and implements new ideas with different processes, of which additive manufacturing is a co-protagonist. The brand is driven by this vision with the aim of bringing together tradition and innovation.


KBCols Sciences Pvt. Ltd., is a deeptech startup based in India and working in the space of research, manufacturing, and application of natural sustainable bio-colors from renewable biomass. KBCols is working at the forefront of creating the next-generation dyes, with the vision to shift one of the most critical steps in the entire supply chain and turn it planet positive.


Colorifix is a biotechnology company that is revolutionising dyeing processes to reduce the textile industry’s environmental impact. Their mission is to design natural solutions to solve the problems our planet is currently facing. Colorifix has led the way to the first biological process to produce, deposit and fix pigments on fabrics. This technology uses significantly less water, energy and harmful chemicals than conventional dyeing practices.

Natural Hue

Natural Hue is a custom cotton breeding group based in Arizona. Natural Hue’s efforts, over 40 years, are directed to the research and development of new varieties of cotton genetically improved via hybridization and cross-pollination techniques with the aim of improving the traits of the fibre and the quality of the seeds.

GPM Innovation

By combining current technologies with continuous research into application innovations, GPM Innovation develops scientific-technological solutions and applications for the development and improvement of sustainable production processes. For GPM Innovation, environmental and social sustainability plays the dual role of being an objective and an effective tool for improving company productivity and competitiveness.

Nature Coatings

Nature Coatings is a biomaterials company turning wood waste into the world’s first high-performing, renewable and 100% bio-based black pigment and dispersion. By ensuring a cost competitive and seamless transition from petroleum-based carbon black, our nature-based solution, BioBlack TX, is the new standard for black and is adopted by brands all over the world. Founded by Jane Palmer, a veteran in the pigment and dyes industry, Nature Coatings is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Belda Llorens

Belda Llorens is pioneer in sustainable spinning for the textile sector, with a practically zero climate footprint. With more than 65 years of experience and 65,000 m2 of facilities, it is the forefront of innovation, being leaders in the Open End spinning sector. ECOLIFE is its flag and its sustainable yarns have become a philosophy of life. Among its products: the most sustainable colored cotton yarn on the market, dye-free postconsumer denim yarn, GRS and recycled viscose, hemp yarns and traceability by blockchain.


From the very beginning Fedrigoni has worked with special papers for their performance and aesthetics. Over time it specialised in the production of special papers for packaging, graphics, print and art, and in converting paper and other materials into self-adhesive solutions.

BGreen Technologies

BGreen Technologies is an italian startup founded with the aim of bringing biotechnology to the service of business, to promote the ongoing green transition to the circular-bioeconomy.


Flocus offers a wide range of textile products made with Kapok, a sustainable and regenerative fibre that grows in many subtropical areas. It is headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands, with overseas representative offices in China and Indonesia. Flocus is also creating its own production plant in Indonesia, conceived to be an example of Corporate Social Responsibility.


F.T.R. specialises in producing and selling auxiliary products for the textile industry for preparation, bleaching, dyeing and finishing. In the last 20 years it has invested in particular in researching and developing new products in the field of special finishes, becoming a leader in this sector.

Kilometro Rosso

Kilometro Rosso is one of the leading private innovation hub in Europe. It brings together companies, universities and research centers, in order to foster innovation processes in the manufacturing industry.
It has more than 70 companies in the campus and 2000 researchers and staff from different industry. Nowadays it has more than 600 traded licences.

Montex Italia

Montex is a cosmetic company specialised in creating and selling cosmetic products based on CBD, an oil derived from the flowers and leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant. A powerful antioxidant, CBD is used by Montex as a distinctive ingredient in its line of cosmetic products for the face and body.

Riso Gallo

In 2018 Riso Gallo, one of Italy’s oldest rice industries, inaugurated a sustainability pathway that led to the creation of the first community of sustainable rice farmers. Riso Gallo is also committed to reducing emissions in the production process, using recyclable packaging and circular economy projects.

Stony Creek Colors

Stony Creek Colors is an American company which produces plant-based indigo dye derived from the “Indigofera suffruticosa” plant, grown with regenerative farming practices in the United States. Stony Creek Colors is the world’s sole manufacturer of 100% plant-based indigo USDA certified.