Black Wood

Research areaAlternative colourations Transversal themeCircular economy Status: Industrialized Partners: Nature Coatings



For its “Black Wood” project, ALBINI_next has introduced a new sustainable solution to the Albini Group brands’ collections: the cleanest black pigment on Earth made from wood waste, BioBlack TX.

BioBlack TX by Nature Coatings is a 100% renewable, high-performing and water-based dispersion containing the world’s first black pigment made from wood waste from FSC®-certified sources. This means that the pigment is safe for humans - being naturally PAHs and carcinogens free - and good for the planet - being carbon negative and a direct replacement for toxic, petroleum-based carbon black.

Furthermore, BioBlack TX is produced through a closed-loop, circular system of manufacturing: there’s no burning of the wood waste and no chemicals added, and the only by-product of the process is steam, which is captured and used to power parts of the production facility.

BioBlack TX can be applied to textiles in several ways, among them are yarn spray dyeing, and screen and rotary printing. ALBINI_next, in the “Black Wood” project, industrialised the formula for spray-dyeing this pigment through its partnership with Dyeberg, a yarn-dyeing company with a 100-year tradition, and its patented ‘ONE to ONE’ machinery.

With this innovative machine, yarn is not immersed in a bath, but sprayed, thus saving considerable amounts of water compared to classical dyeing systems. In fact, this technique uses only 1 litre of water per 1 kg of yarn (thereby explaining its ‘ONE to ONE’ name), and is an excellent sustainable solution.

In collaboration with Stamperia Olonia, ALBINI_next has also applied this pigment with traditional textile printing, thus demonstrating its extraordinary versatility.