Off the Grain

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The search for low environmental-impact colours is the cornerstone of the collaboration between Riso Gallo, a leading rice producer in Italy, and ALBINI_Next.

In 2022, the partnership led to the development of a dye from a by-product from processing a variety of black rice grown by Riso Gallo.

The black rice is grown in paddies in Lombardy and Piedmont and reaches maturity between September and October. It is then harvested and undergoes a series of processes and is then sold and consumed. The key moment of the entire process is the hydrothermal treatment during which the water takes on a deep burgundy colour due to the anthocyanins, the plant pigments covering each single grain of rice. When the boiling has finished, the water is normally discarded.

Literally an “Off the Grain” dye

This is where ALBINI_next intervenes, recovering the waste water, transforming it into a natural dye, truly ‘straight off the grain'.

The dyeing process using Off the Grain distinguishes itself for water savings of between 30% and 40% compared to traditional processes.

The formula is used by Albini Group to dye certain sustainable textile fibres which it uses to create exclusive fabrics. It results in a fabric with a unique appearance, produced fully respecting the environment and people. To date, the colour palette is composed of four different shades.



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