Research areaGreen chemistry Status: Industrialized Partners: Montex Italia


ALBINI_next has developed a new green softening product containing hemp oil. The product is 95% biodegradable and allows the release of microplastics from the garments during domestic laundering to be drastically reduced.

The project came into being in collaboration with Montex Italia, a company that produces a line of cosmetic products made with CBD, a cannabidiol derived from the flowers and leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant grown in its own fields in Molise and Apulia.

CBD oil is obtained by extracting the resin found in the biomass, meaning the dried flowers and leaves of Canapa Sativa. The resin is rich in terpenes, aromatic molecules that contain many beneficial properties, including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities and the extracted oil does not contain THC.

Innovation applied to the textile industry

ALBINI_next research has led to the definition of a new formula for a softening product based on a vegetable oil emulsified and cationized with CBD oil: HempFeel This finishing process is potentially applicable to all types of fabrics and fibres.

HempFeel gives the fabric an incredibly soft and delicate hand, which is long-lasting. After laundering several times, the touch does not change significantly and confirms the possibility of using this softening product for future industrial production.

In this initial stage, HempFeel has been applied to a selection of fabrics but can be requested and tested exclusively on fabrics of different structure, weight and composition.


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