Research areaAlternative colourations Transversal themeCircular economy Status: Industrialized Partners: F.T.R.


Re-Oxyde is an upcycling project, which calls for the use of inorganic pigments based on iron oxides, obtained by recycling ferrous waste materials from the home appliance industry.

The powder derived from the oxidated iron materials is then added to a paste that prepares the product for use in the subsequent dyeing phases.

The result is an inorganic pigment in three different colours, made by F.T.R., an Italian company specialised in producing and selling auxiliary products for the textile industry. This pigment is then anchored to the fibre by means of a bio-based polymer certified to standard ISO 14021.

Two dye processes with Re-Oxyde

The recycled oxides can dye in two different ways, both still in the testing and development phase:

  • Piece-dyeing
  • Spray-dyeing on yarn

Re-Oxyde is innovative, sustainable and incredibly effective: the oxides have excellent colour fastness and give the fabric a soft, full hand.



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