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New value to denim fabric left-overs

ALBINI_next has created a new circular economy project where recycling becomes entirely closed-loop: from denim fabric left-over to a new yarn for the Albiate 1830 collection.

100% cotton denim remnants from past collections have been unravelled and made into fibre. This was followed by a significant study to assess the best blend and obtain a good-quality recycled yarn. It resulted in a blend composed of 30% recycled cotton and 70% organic Supima virgin cotton, from which the new recycled yarn Retwist+ was made.

A sustainable and recycled fibre

Using solely denim fabrics has made it possible to obtain an already dyed finished product featuring a pale indigo nuance, thus eliminating the entire dyeing phase and reducing the use of water and resources during the production process. Thanks to the support and creativity of the Albini Group’s style department, several base fabrics were designed which will complete the new selection presented in the forthcoming Albiate 1830 denim collection.

In fact, implementing a closed-loop circular economy system requires not only the technical and creative skills to transform the material into a new product, but true teamwork, a corporate ecosystem for managing the entire supply chain. ALBINI_next coordinated and monitored each development phase, in pursuit of one of the objectives of the Group’s sustainability strategy for waste reduction and responsible resource management.


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