ALBINI_next opened at Kilometro Rosso

09 | 07 | 2019

Albini Group launched ALBINI_next: a Think Tank born with the aim of overcoming barriers and exploring new frontiers. ALBINI_next is a true nerve center, the emblem of an advanced way of thinking, a starting point for reaching the new frontiers of innovation. An approach born from the need to find real and tangible solutions that respond to issues related to ethical and environmental sustainability.

For the occasion of the inauguration at Kilometro Rosso in Bergamo, Giuseppe Stigliano – author and researcher – moderated a stimulating and inspiring panel discussion entitled “THE ALBINI ‘NEXT’ BIG THING. WHAT WE WILL BE WEARING TOMORROW?”

An exchange of ideas projected into the future of research and development in the textile field. A survey of the most innovative tools available today, of potential contaminations in the industry, of already established standards and the ambitions for a “textile world” that is better in terms of product as well as production processes.

Stefano Albini, President of Cotonificio Albini, gave the welcome speech: “We are proud of this revolutionary project; we strongly wanted it to be held at Kilometro Rosso because we believe in our region. At the same time it will be an international and interdisciplinary place open to the new generations, where collaborations with excellent partners can be created.” This spirit was also shared by Salvatore Majorana, Director of Kilometro Rosso, who emphasized the importance of a place that brings together the research and innovation centers of different players who can collaborate to transform ideas into actions.

Carl Illi, Chairman of Swiss Textile and member of the Board of Directors of Rieter, analyzed the current textile scenario, which is undoubtedly growing: “25% of the garments produced each year are destined to never be worn. It is essential that we work on sustainability; change is possible only through innovation, and the search for new materials must allow us to obtain new fibers and new yarns. What’s more, it is vital for us to be able to convey our passion to the final consumer.”

“The world is changing quickly – reaffirmed Linda Loppa, CEO and founder of Linda Loppa Factory – and creativity has always been the driving force behind change. I believe that what is needed is a new business model that bridges new young talents and the economic resources necessary for making their ideas become reality.”

Claudio Antonioli, founder of Antonioli Milan and President of New Guards Group, is the voice behind the most avant-garde brands of streetwear and excellence in the retail world: “Fashion today is a blend of Customer Centricity and brand vision. Personally speaking, innovation is important to me, but to do business you must always keep an eye on the end customer. Speaking of sustainability, I am confident we will soon be reaching a higher level of awareness on this issue and that people will be ready to pay a higher price for more ethical products, probably starting with Generation Z.”

Sustainability is also a fundamental topic for Claudio Marenzi, President of Confindustria Moda and CEO of Herno: “What must first be done is create a shared standard because today the majority of sustainability is pure marketing. We must begin with data collecting and mapping, which will lead to the development of awareness and consequently to innovation.”

Isaac Nichelson, CEO & Co-founder of Circular Systems, agrees: “Change is the only way to survive. We must be committed both as an industry and as people to break through the barriers of traditional business towards a direction that is based on creativity, an effective business plan and sustainability.”

Start-ups were also discussed with Cristiano Spelta, CTO and Co-founder of E-Novia: “The three golden rules for a successful start-up are entrepreneurship, teamwork and market sensitivity. Start-ups are all alike: in the beginning no market is there waiting to receive them, but a good entrepreneur is someone able to create his or her own market, and combine excellence in different areas with investments.”

“ALBINI_next is our starting point for blazing new trails in innovation” – concludes Fabio Tamburini, CEO of Cotonificio Albini. “We must increase the value of our product from the yarn to the finished garment, make it more ethical and cutting-edge in order to be an industry leader through transparency, traceability and a higher quality of life”.

At the end of the discussion, Salvatore Majorana handed over the keys of ALBINI_next to Stefano Albini. The future can now begin.