24 | 02 | 2023

Also this year ALBINI_next participates at WHITE MILANO, the leading tradeshow for international womenswear in the heart of Tortona Fashion District during the Milano Fashion Week.


Inside the tradeshow, ALBINI_next offers an installation dedicated to its latest projects and achievements.

Specifically, the four protagonists are:

  • Off the Grain: an upcycling project carried out in collaboration with Riso Gallo, through which a new sustainable dye is obtained from a variety of black rice.
  • Re-Oxyde: a project developed in partnership with F.T.R. that involves the use of inorganic pigments based on iron oxides to create sustainable dyes.
  • Futura: an innovative project developed with Fedrigoni to create a new paper from textile production waste.
  • Retwist+: a circular economy project developed with the collaboration of Belda Llorens that makes it possible to obtain a recycled yarn from left-over fabrics.